Hearing your story makes me feel like there is hope

Hearing your story makes me feel like there is hope and our situation isn’t as bad as i sometimes think it is. My husband too is completely disabled with a brian infection that has left him paralysied, almost speechless, and 1/2 blind, he also suffers from seizures and has lupus so the slightiest infection can kill him. My biggest problem is trying to explain to him that we don’t have the money. He has no concept of what money is and something that costs $2.00 is the same as $200.00 to him and vice a versa, all he knows is that he wants it and there shouldn’t be any reason why we can’t get it. When companies offer us more credit cards, Alan can’t comperhend that its not free money. We are currently $40,000 in credit card debt and have a $150,000 mortage on our house that was spent on Hospital and credit/school bills. My parents are really upset that I mortaged the house when it was all paid off, but Alan needed an operation to save his life that insurance refused to pay.

Next week my mother-in-law is going to be moving in with us, that will also be another financial drain because she doesn’t believe in coupon shopping or thrift stores. I figured if she makes a big fuss about my coupon shopping, she can buy the staples and I’ll get all the coupon stuff, I’m not willing to spend my money on stuff i can get for almost nothing.

I’m hoping that this month I can pay off yet another bill, it’s a good feeling to see the list go down. I started carrying a notebook with me to keep track of my spending and it seems to help, also I started giving Alan his own money so he can see how fast it goes. Before he would just come to me. this has helped because he no longer suggests going to dinner unless he has the money in his wallet, even if he only has $1.00 we’ll go out and I’ll pay the rest, but he knows that there won’t be anymore money until next month. Since he only gets $20.00 its cut our going out to about 3 times a month, usuallly after a doctor’s appt or a hospitalization.
Well, I gotten long winded.