I’m curious

I’m curious, what are the requirements for WIC? I’ve heard vaguely of it and seen it referenced on grocery store shelves.

I don’t think me and DH qualify for it right now, but my salary is going to be less than 50% of what it is right now come August (and will continue to stay that way for 5-8 years, while I finish school), so if we have kids in a year or two, we might qualify then.

Here is the link to find out the guidelines for WIC. THey really are pretty good. As soon as you get pregnant you count hte baby as a member of the family. So you would be a family of 3 and right now you can make $504. a week. Hope this helps. All the info is at the site.

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I am also from Miami (Florida)

I am also from Miami (Florida), have one 3year old ds and 1 on the way (another boy) and also receive WIC. I try and make a quiche at least 2-3 times a month. This is great to use up WIC eggs and Cheese and any leftover items you may have, I generally use the formula Amy D describes in the Tightwad Gazzette. I make the rice crust ahe describes if I have leftover rice. (just add an egg and some cheese and form it in the pie pan and bake at 425 til firm) Now for the quiche, put about 1 cup leftover veggies in the bottom (my favorite is some spinach if I don’t have any leftover veggies to use).

Next I add any leftover meat I may have (ham, bacon etc) Now sprinkle shredded cheese all over. Now mix up 2 eggs, 2/3 cup dry milk powder and 1 cup broth along with salt and pepper. Pour this mixture over cheese and veggie mixture and bake for 45 minutes at 350. The combinations are endless. Here are other ways I got through eggs: I also use eggs in my tuna salad, make breakfast muffins often, pancakes, and breakfast burritos to freeze (scrambled eggs, potatoes, sausage & cheese in a tortilla). These recipes help me save money and pay cash advances on time.

I get WIC also and do not worry about it

I get WIC also and do not worry about it being a bad thing. I have received WIC for 8 years now and it truly is a blessing. I feel that I pay my loans and taxes as does my husband and if the government says I am poor I will not argue. I do however try to use my vouchers so I get the best deal. If you have a store that offers buy one get one free items get your vouchers for there. They will honor this . Say cheese is on sale bogo and your voucher says 1 lb then you can get 2 lbs at no extra cost. We are getting ready to go out but I will try to think of some recipes and post them later. Good luck with your business.

Chinese foods come to mind–fried rice, egg foo young, and my favorite moo shu pork! Egg drop soup. Isn’t there a lemon egg Greek soup? Quiches and souffles. Frittata’s are mostly potato/starch based but use eggs to hold them together. French toast and Monte Cristo sandwiches! (oh, that sounds really good right now…..) That egg bake-y breakfast casserole. Eggs Ranchero–you can use lots of veges and cheese to camouflage the eggs….that’s about all I can think of and now I’m hungry.

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