It sounds like you have a great idea

it sounds like you have a great idea…i think i’ll try that this week when i get paid. (only once a month) hoping i can find some way out. we were going to try a credit councilor but the day we were going to send in the money…they were all over the news about taking ppl’s money. i spoke with the man that we were dealing with, and he assured me that wasn’t the issue…who do you believe?

I just finished my budget

I just finished my budget and if everything works out well, I’ll have all the credit card debt paid off in 3 years, 10 months. I’m hoping that my mother in law will help with the bills, but I’m not holding my breath.

I think she’s more interested in spending money on making the house look nice (she’s already mentioned buying curtains and remodeling the patio area) I’m not going to ask her to help, it has to come from her. For the past year, I’ve paid her cell phone (24 hour access to alan in case of emergency – it really came in handy when Katrina and Rita struck because it was an out of the area phone and it was her only communication to the outside).

The first thing is to realize that it really can work

The first thing is to realize that it really can work, and plan accordingly. That’s not easy because so many people are disdainful of coupons, and snicker at stockpiling… so you have to ignore a lot of nonsense.

Sometimes you’ll have a shelf full of fruit and no vegetables and sometimes you’ll buy all vegetables and no fruit, but eventually it will even out. You’ll always have a well-stocked pantry at low cost, and you’ll never have to run out at the list minute and pay too much for supper.

More often than you might have thought possible, when an item goes on sale, you’ll have a coupon for it. Sometimes the coupon can be doubled or tripled, and your final cost will be half or even free.

The trick, of course, is use coupons before they expire, don’t miss any sales, and know the average cost of an item, so you know whether to stock up or pass up… so you DO have to stay on top of it… but that’s not hard, and there is help available, here:

The Couponing Mom lists sales and coupons, matches them where possible, and displays them in search-able lists, according to city and store.

Even if she doesn’t list a grocery store in your city, her lists will help because you will know what to look for by just looking through her lists.

To make the plan work best, you need a good supply of coupons, and there’s an easy way to get them… join a “coupon trading” club.

There’s lots of information there about “couponing” (look in [Files]}, and lots of people to trade with.. or, if you don’t have coupons to trade, you can find just about any you want, already clipped and sorted, for a few pennies “clipping” fee (it’s illegal to actually sell them).

Hope this helps.


Hello, I am a new member following the crowd from the Salt Lake City.

I am a quiet member though. I am gleaning as much information as I can! I am the mother of 4 great children. Trystan is almost 10. Ty is 7. Gracie is 5 and the baby is Gavin he is 18 months, or will be tomorrow. I am a WAHM and also a part time student. My husband of 11 years is Ron. He is a great man! Today we got some GREAT news.

Our neighbor is getting a new freezer and lucky us, I am getting her old one. The freeze is in great shape! It is fairly new also. I am excited. Well I look forward to learning even more form this great budgeting website. Thanks, Shannon