Anyone want to send affordable recipes?

I also appreciate cheap recipes as we are still getting several dz a week. I boil water for ramen and quickly add eggs, beat them well and then continue making the ramen noodles. I also add veggies sometimes. My kids really like it when I scramble a bunch of eggs and make them breakfast burritos. i just add left over meat if we have it and sometimes gr. pepper, maybe cheese and or rice and roll them into flour tortillas.

These also freeze well in wax paper and then in zip lock freezer bags for quick meals. Dh likes Denver sandwiches which are 2 slices of toast with miracle whip on each slice. Mix diced bell pepper, onion and bacon. Fry this and drain oil off of it. Set aside. Beat up a bunch of eggs, add the above mixture. Put by ladelful onto a hot pan and cook. flip and the when done place on the toast with a tomato slice and serve. They are good but I leave out the onion on mine.